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eAssistant.ca was established in 2003. A leading provider of bookkeeping & business support services to small and home based business operators, in the Surrey/Langley area, our services are delivered to our clients  from our office, using the information collected from your receipts, bills and statements.  


At eAssistant.ca we believe that your bookkeeping is so much more than a necessary evil required by the Canada Revenue Agency so you can calculate and pay your taxes.  Good bookkeeping helps determine the success of your business! You may know that you have money in the bank and that you are busy, but are you making a profit? Are you including all of your expenses in that profit calculation, or are you guestimating?  What part or parts of your business are making that profit, and what can you do to change things that are not working? A good bookkeeper will provide you with the information you need to make sound financial management decisions about your business, and free up your time to implement those decisions.


We help you succeed by providing on time, accurate financial information, enabling you to manage cash flow,  pay your bills on time, and make informed decisions.



Chris Hafstein is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. The Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation reflects the level of knowledge, education, and skill necessary to carry out all key functions through the trial balance and basic payroll, for all-sized companies.

Why Hire a Certified Professional Bookkeeper?
Why Hire a Certified Professional Bookkeeper?
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Chris Hafstein is a  Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and must re-certify everytime a new version of the software is released. QuickBooks is one of Canada's most popular small business accounting packages -  because it is one of the best, ask us how using QuickBooks can help your business!